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Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now Vid

Couldn't resist posting this from Youtube either considering as I'd never seen it before.....


God I love this pic.....

How smart does he look?

Yesterday's BBC Pic

Slightly larger.......under the cut.

Johnny's New Myspace Pic

BBC Website

This pic is currently up on the BBC website......

From the Sunday Session?

Could this be another from the 'Sunday' session of photos by Russell Young?  I've got variations but not this exact one - anyone else have it?


Apologies if these have been posted before......

I have no idea what he's grasping there.....!!!

Found this on Myspace...

From one of the Palladium gigs back in May...

Old Grey Whistle Test 1985

Okay so I've managed to download a quality version of the above courtesy of Smithstorrents which I am currently in the middle of uploading if anyone wants it.  I will post the link later - in the meantime here are some screen caps of said programme.

NME 83 Cover

I know someone was looking for this awhile back.......

Warning: It's a biggie - pinched from Moz Solo