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Hello All!

Well I'm back as they say.......missed all you Mozza freaks on here so I thought I'd offer a token of my appreciation at being back 'in the fold' so to speak......under the cut - pretty big too!

Even more Pasadena!

Not sure whether the lady who took these is a Live Journal user but they are truly stunning and only a sample of what is on Flickr........

Live Early Solo Pics

Okay so there are lots of large live pics under the cut.

Stolen from someone on Moz Solo of course.  Not sure whether you have all seen them before....

From G-Mex 23rd Dec

Moz Merchandise

I cannot believe the amount of Moz related merchandise they can acquire for you on this website.....click here for the complete range or copy and paste to browser (having major problems with LJ tonight)


Dec. 24th, 2006

Okay then folks here goes!  I'm just about to leave to pick my friend up on the way then it's off to the GMex!!!!  Wish me luck!  Here's a pic for your trouble.....

Dec. 24th, 2006

Here is footage from last night's gig of the guys carrying Mr Morrissey on stage.....


San Jose Pics (again)

I've removed the watermarks from those San Jose pics that themozyouignoreme posted the other day.  Hope you like.......

Pics from Last Night

Pinched from Moz Solo forum - some pics from last night's gig in Birmingham.  Click on the link or copy and paste to browser.


Last Night in Nottingham

Nabbed these from Moz Solo gallery.......

God I am soooooo getting to the front at Manchester.....:¬)